About us

About us

Budgetary institution Valakampiai Social Support Facility (Lit. Valakampių socialinių paslaugų namai) is a social support institution providing general and special social services to adult residents of Vilnius with mental and complex disability.


The institution was established under Decision No. 3 of Vilniaus City Council on 16 of January 1992 regarding the Establishment of Residential Care Home Vilties namai in Vilnius, Rulikiškių St. * 44.

It was the first attempt to establish a new type of residential home for people with mental disability in Lithuania.


-To provide long-term (short-term) services of social care and accommodation in independent living home, ensuring versatile needs and best interests of a person, to residents of Vilnius with mental and complex disability;

-To meet the psychological, social, cultural and spiritual needs of each resident of the institution, ensuring their right to choose, implementing their personal needs and providing a possibility to maintain contact with the community;

-To ensure self-expression of residents of the institution, encourage and help them to integrate into the society according to the level of their independence.

*Note. The name of Rulikiškių St. has been changed to Rukeliškių St.