Short-term care services

Short-term care services are a collection of services provided to a person requiring complex, constant assistance with special supervision in critical cases, to family members, guardians, caretakers who are unable to take care of persons requiring such constant care temporarily or during business days due to certain reasons (illness, business trips, vacation, family or work commitments, and etc.) – “relief” services or continuously provided services on business days (for twenty-four hours).

  • Short-term social care services are provided by Budgetary Institution Valakampiai Social Support Facility in Short-Term Care Centre. Short-Term Care Centre provides services up to 15 persons with moderate to severe mental and complex disability simultaneously.
  • Short-term social care services are provided at least for 12 hours per day and up to 6 months per year or up to 5 days per week for an indefinite period.
  • NOTE. In special cases, when short-term care services for a disabled person are urgent (death of relatives, illness),  please address the Short-Term Care Centre directly with the requests and documents.


  • Information on procedures and necessary documents for those who want to receive services of Independent Living Home is provided under section Text on the button
  • The services of accommodation in independent living homes are provided in compliance with legislation specified under section Text on the button