QUALITY of life – what is it?

By implementing EQUASS (The European Quality in Social Services), Valakampiai Social Support Facility has established the concept of the quality of life of its residents.

Why is it necessary? What is its purpose?

The concept of the quality of life of the residents has been developed in order to ensure and improve the quality of life which would meet the expectations of the residents and the level of quality of life in accordance with the standards established by legal acts.


Sociologists and representatives of other professions provide different definitions of the quality of life and point to a wide range of areas of quality of life.

The concept of our institution – the quality of life reflects the satisfaction of each resident with the current life situation in comparison to the desired level.

We have distinguished the following areas of the quality of life of the residents:

  • personal self-realization (leisure (favourite activities), employment (visiting the day centre/daily employment group, work, education), personal/family relations, independence, decision making);
  • well-being (health, security, material well-being (income, living environment, housing), psychological (psychological climate);
  • social inclusion (participation in social life), rights, social relations (communication in social networks, participation in activities organised by communities, partners, volunteers).

The concept of quality of life of the residents is designed to improve the quality of life of the residents. With the help of questionnaires, we seek to find out the subjective opinion of the residents about the areas of life that are significant to them and the need to improve the quality of life in those areas, we will help to set and achieve individual goals for improving the quality of life. We will periodically review the progress of achieving the goals for improving the quality of life together with the residents and evaluate the results. The results of the residents’ satisfaction with the quality of life at the collective level will be used to review, evaluate and improve the services and activities provided and organised by the institution.

Deputy Director for Social Affairs

Virginija Paulauskytė